die Onleihe der Bibliotheken des Goethe-Instituts e.V.. For What Its Worth



For What It's Worth takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions following Bohemian bartender Meise as he blows his inheritance left by his dead father to live like his father never did. After road-tripping across America, adventuring in Africa, and partying across Europe, he uses the remaining money to embark on one last trip: to a vineyard in rural West Germany. Amidst the wine and hangovers, Meise is also confronted with a culture shock unlike any other. Spending time with his career-focused and life-loving guest family forces him to ask himself the questions about his own life he's been trying to avoid, culminating in a showdown at the village's main summer event: the Wine Fest. Tragic and humorous, with acute observations and no shortage of black humor, Nagelschmidt allows his (anti)hero to fail â€" by his own hand or others' is up to the reader to decide.

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