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Mixed Leadership

Mixed Leadership

Autor*in: Berg, Christian; Lutz, Barbara; McLaughlin, Catriona

Jahr: 2021


Mixed teams are driving innovation - The video course "Mixed Leadership: Taking the lead together" provides a scientifically sound demonstration of how companies benefit from mixed leadership teams. Embracing the perspectives of different genders is essential for promoting innovation, attracting and addressing customers, and creating a corporate culture that all employees can identify with. Modern management know-how and a strong connection with employees are key to respectful cooperation within the management team. Supported by a number of practical examples, this online course will explain why organizations with mixed management teams are better equipped in the long term. HR departments can only gain - The course also touches on how HR departments can identify and promote female talent within their workforce. With the help of gender-appropriate language in job advertisements or internal communications, for example, recruiting can provide targeted support for career-oriented women and their advancement to senior positions. Forward-thinking human resources departments are specifically looking for high-performing, educated women to serve on "mixed leadership" teams together with their male colleagues. This approach benefits the entire company, as mixed teams have a positive impact on the way all employees work together. Gender studies support empowerment - The course also explains in more detail how companies can support employees with children, especially women, in planning and pursuing their careers. Ultimately, people with similar prerequisites should have the same opportunities in the workplace-and also be compensated equally. Renowned experts with backgrounds in science and business will debunk prejudices and traditional stereotypes. Their goal is to challenge the way people think: Women and men should be equally supported to take leading positions, and also be able to live a healthy work-life balance that allows for a strong performance in the first place. As a successful example, the Beiersdorf Group also showcases its approach to employing tandem teams in management positions, demonstrating: Job sharing is also possible at the highest level of decision-making. More diversity in top management or tandem leadership sets the stage for a greater variety of topics, which in turn makes for well-supported decisions and new approaches to solutions in day-to-day management. This requires breaking down outdated ways of thinking and structures that, to this day, still prevail in many organizations. Strong personalities stand up for "Female Leadership" Compared to other European countries, there are relatively few women in leadership positions in Germany, where "female leadership" is still a term not commonly used. This online course seeks to shed light on the structures and social perceptions that lead to the fact that here, it is still predominantly men who hold top positions. Furthermore, successful women such as Simone Menne, Fränzi Kühne, Tijen Onaran, Elly Oldenbourg and Katja Kraus provide specific and practical tips to promote female empowerment and gender equality in corporate management. They provide insights and share their experiences on how women in particular can position and empower themselves to be successful. Additionally, they explain how men benefit from greater gender equality and how it can help them break away from toxic stereotypes. This also highlights the support provided by professional networks. These experts provide solutions! This comprehensive video course outlines solutions for making New Work a promising field with the help of mixed leadership teams. Experts such as Prof. Dr. Jutta Allmendinger, Dr. Simone Burel, Prof. Dr. Bettina Wiese, Martin Speer, Prof. Dr. Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky, Vincent-Immanuel Herr, Dr. Joana Breidenbach and Christian Berg provide information that will both surprise and inspire you. It can help you understand the potential of diverse, mixed leadership teams, and demonst

Titel: Mixed Leadership

Autor*in: Berg, Christian; Lutz, Barbara; McLaughlin, Catriona

Verlag: Zeit Akademie

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Leadership & Change

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