die Onleihe Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. They Know What You Think




Olivia Rooker always has had bad luck with men. Her ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer and the reason why she went to prison. But now Think's new protégé is out on parole. Olivia has even met a nice man called Wilder. But Think suspects something is wrong with this guy. She needs to keep an eye on him ... but is someone keeping an eye on Think?About the series:Kathy "Think" Lipinski is a brilliant, yet disgraced psychotherapist who has changed careers to become a probation officer. The job is perfect for Think: a ground-breaking and highly controversial technology has made it possible to telepathically monitor the thoughts of convicts on probation. From now on, Think can listen to the thoughts of her "protégés" in her head. But every innovation comes at a price, and soon Think must ask herself whom she can trust - herself included ...Trent Kennedy Johnson is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California. He most recently wrote the six-book crime series THE BAY for Bastei Entertainment, and is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago.

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