Blind Traveller


Blind Traveller

Blind Traveller

Autor*in: Safavi, Vanessa

Reihe: The End(s) of the library

Jahr: 2013

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 36 S.


"Between the Tree and a Plastic Chair", Chert, Berlin, 18 September - 27 October, 2010. Editing/Texts: Jennifer Chert, Sabine Rusterholz Petko, Vanessa Safavi, Edition of 500. Originality meets postmodern zeitgeist, exoticism meets every day, sober minimalism meets colourful pop culture: Vanessa Safavi's works deal with contrasting polarities of cultural concepts and times, signs and materials. The artist combines multi-layered cultural and art historical references in the form of objects, materials, pictures and references, transporting them from the resources of her own multicultural background, her travels and her ethnological research. Her work makes reference both to Primitivism in twentieth century art and consumerist as well as pop culture. It provides a partly critical, partly ironic involvement with the principles of both elaborated and naive creation. In the dialogue between pre-modern materials and modern garbage from the affluent society, fetishes of pop culture and pseudo-primitive totems, installations emerge that challenge treasured stereotypes of foreign cultures, experienced as exotic. Under the surface they also deal with (post-)colonial questions of cultural hegemony, the guilt and innocence of tourism and other subtle mechanisms of power and repression.

Max. Ausleihdauer: 21 Tage