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Time Management (EN)

Time Management (EN)

Autor*in: Davis, Zach

Jahr: 2020


Time is precious - Don't waste it! Lecturer Zach Davis shows you how to identify time wasters and remove them permanently. The time management professional not only reveals alternatives to multitasking but also how to objectively plan your tasks and combine these efficiently. Learn the correct and time-saving handling of communications equipment. The course provides you 40 practical recommendations for maximum time savings. Become more productive, efficient and stress-free. Other questions that will be answered in this course: When you should be achievable and when better not How to optimally manage yourself and your time How to efficiently organize and process the vast amounts of information

Titel: Time Management (EN)

Autor*in: Davis, Zach

Verlag: Lecturio GmbH

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Produktivität

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