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Psychology of Leadership: Individuals

Psychology of Leadership: Individuals

Autor*in: Quaquebeke, Prof. Dr. Niels Van

Jahr: 2020


Leadership is not about being the best yourself, but about making those around you better - Leadership is the linchpin of any successful enterprise. But unlike mere management, leadership is all about people. When executives better understand their people, they not only can help their employees be more satisfied with their work, but actually enable growth and sustained higher levels of motivation. Against this background, the internationally renowned expert on leadership, Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke, takes participants of this seminar on a deep dive into understanding individuals at work and how to best lead them. It is a crash course in organizational psychology with a focus on practical applicability. Topics include, among others, how to deal with different personalities, how to properly use values as guiding principles, how to foster a productive learning culture and give developmental feedback, how to work with and not against emotions, and what strategies to follow for increased employee motivation. Managing yourself helps you manage others - Naturally, awareness of one's own attitudes, characteristics, and behavioral tendencies is paramount to one's ability to effectively interact with and lead others. This online seminar has built in exercises that help you reflect on your own experiences so that you may learn from these and develop your own true North, helping you to not only better lead others, but also yourself in difficult times. An exciting learning journey awaits you - Becoming a better leader requires continuous learning. Every day is an opportunity to learn more not only about yourself in the leadership role, but also about the people working for and with you. This seminar helps you to put some structure behind all of it and turn insights into productive action. Follow up with parts 2 and 3, "Psychology of Leadership: Teams" and "Psychology of Leadership: Organizations".

Titel: Psychology of Leadership: Individuals

Autor*in: Quaquebeke, Prof. Dr. Niels Van

Verlag: Zeit Akademie

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Leadership & Change

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