onleihe ZWISCHEN DEN MEEREN. An Authors Guide to Working With Libraries and Bookstores



Any author can get their book listed in an online catalog. But what if you want more? What if you want to rise above the digital masses and be relevant to booksellers and librarians? In today's digital age of publishing, it's easy to get your book listed on major retail and library sites around the world. But what about: Attracting the attention of the curators of these sales channels? Succeeding in getting some of these channels to highlight, spotlight, and promote your book to their customers or patrons? Having a bookstore or library actually order and stock your print book Being invited to either host or participate in a live event in a bookstore or library Standing out as a talented and relevant professional or subject matter expert All of these things take a bit more effort than the average creative person is willing to invest. But that's where you come in; because this type of success is reserved for the truly dedicated author like you. With the right amount of foresight, preparation, effort, and determination, you can rise above the digital slush to a place where you and your book can stand out to exactly the right people. This book walks you through all that you need to know in order to leverage the tools available for successfully working with both bookstores and libraries. It is derived from the author's three decades of experience in the book industry as a writer, an editor, a bookseller, and a publishing industry representative. If you want to leverage insights into the systems and logistics associated with print, eBook and audiobook distribution to retailers and libraries, to maximize your availability in these formats as well as your overall sales and earnings, then this is the book for you. An Author's Guide to Working with Bookstores and Libraries is a no-BS overview of the publishing industry, bookstores and libraries. It outlines the basics of what authors need to know when navigating their way through the complex print, eBook and distribution options available to authors. Whether you are traditionally published or self-published, this book provides guidance and insights to help you maximize your sales, your earnings, and your author brand.

Autor(en) Information:

Mark's highly successful experience in the publishing and bookselling industry spans more than three decades where he has worked in almost every type of brick and mortar, online, and digital bookstore. The former Director of self-publishing and author relations for Rakuten Kobo, and the current Director of business development for Draft2Digital, Mark thrives on innovation, particularly as it relates to digital publishing.

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