onleihe ZWISCHEN DEN MEEREN. Stay Safe and Kiss the Babies



Being made to shelter in place by four demanding daughters seemed to me like Elder Abuse, but I suppose it was born out of love as well as a healthy respect for global pandemic and the Governor's plea to pay attention. My Facebook friends became my social respite, but there was so much bitterness, both about the LOCKDOWN, and about politics. In my daily visits to the solitude of my back deck I found my mind recalling of all of the wonderful experiences I enjoyed growing up in the beautiful mountains of New York State. I decided to lighten up the dialogue with daily postings about how wonderful life was during the past 70 years in America, a life that seems so far away now. This pandemic reminds us of a simpler life, a life full of valuable contact with those we love and those we lost. How wonderful it will be when we conquer this virus, and appreciate what we have had to do without.

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