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The Swimmers

The Swimmers

Autor*in: Pérez Azaústre, Joaquín; Pérez Azaústre, Joaquín

Jahr: 2013

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 229 S.


Jonás Ager is disappearing: a recent separation has left him aimless, his once promising photography career has ground to a halt, and his assignments at the newspaper are drying up. And an ever deepening mystery is threatening to engulf him. His mother disappeared without a trace two weeks ago; his gallerist can't locate his fellow photographer Oliver; and every time he and his best friend Sergio visit the pool for their regular swim, another lane is empty. An entire city seems to be evaporating into thin air. A detective story without a detective, an investigation into a mystery that defies explanation, and a moving meditation on modern city life, 'The Swimmers' is an unsettling book whose tantalizing traces will long remain with its readers.
Autor(en) Information:
Joaquín Pérez Azaústre (Córdoba, 1976) has published several poetry collections, a collection of short stories, and several novels, including La suite Manolete, for which he was awarded IX Premio Fundación Unicaja Fernando Quiñones in 2007. A journalist and columnist, he has also been awarded the Premio Adonáis de Poesía, the Premio Loewe and the Premio Loewe a la Creación Joven, among others.

Titel: The Swimmers

Autor*in: Pérez Azaústre, Joaquín; Pérez Azaústre, Joaquín

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ISBN: 9780989126724

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