onleihe ZWISCHEN DEN MEEREN. Spanish Reader for Beginners - Spanish Short Stories



Spanish Reader for Beginners II, the second book of the series Spanish Reader for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Students,  intended for Spanish language learners who desire to review Spanish Grammar structures that often require extensive work, such as regular and irregular verbs in The Past and Past Imperfect Tenses.  CostaRica SpanishOnline provides Spanish language learning materials. In this occassion, we offer you a collection of short stories created by Iris Acevedo A., written in Spanish from Latin America, mainly Central America, with the purpose of providing Spanish Language learners a source of Spanish vocabulary and Spanish grammar included in short stories. Each story, written in the format of short paragraphs,  translated from Spanish to English, allows for instant vocabulary translation, thus presenting the reader a vast range of new vocabulary that is easy to learn. One thing to keep in mind, though, as you begin to read is that Spanish is "wordy". What in English can be said in two words, we may end up saying in a whole sentence. For the purpose of teaching you the way we speak, I have used a very literal form of translation to provide you with the exact meaning of each thought, although perhaps it won't make sense to you to say it in such a way. Each volume, from Beginner I to Advanced III, provides short stories that keep you guessing until you reach the end: an unusual twist. We guarantee that you will find a unique blend of culture in Latin America, modern and traditional lifestyles, transitional phrases, grammar structures adequate for each particular level as well as entertainment and increasing practice of grammatical structures required in order to achieve full understanding and fluency in Spanish. In addition to our Spanish Readers, you may find a collection of Spanish dialogues in our series: Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Students,  available in two formats: and paperback.  For  students who are just beginning to encounter the Spanish language, we offer an elementary Spanish book: Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary. Iris Acevedo A. Founder CostaRicaSpanishOnline

Autor(en) Information:

Iris Acevedo A. was born in Costa Rica in 1959. She lived and grew up in Ohio, Oklahoma and Kansas, returning to Costa Rica in 1976. Iris is the founder of CostaRica SpanishOnline, the first online Spanish school in Costa Rica to provide independent learners with live One-On-One Spanish Immersion Courses via Skype. In 2018, we have branched out and are now offering English Conversation Skills courses to Latina American learners residing in Costa Rica and abroad. During her over 30 years' experience teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to learners from all over the world who have visited Costa Rica in order to learn Spanish, she took a keen interest in independent learners: an emerging group of students who have studied English and Spanish on their own, and somewhere along the process seek a Spanish language teacher to guide them. This is her field of expertise.

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